What is Tixl?

Tixl is a non-profit FinTech company based in Hamburg, Germany. Tixl is the company behind the "Autobahn Network" project, a next-generation payment network. MTXLT (later TXL) is a token issued by Tixl, and the flagship asset of the Autobahn Network, which can be transferred with zero fees. The Autobahn Network allows Bitcoin, and other digital assets, to be transferred quickly and privately with low transaction fees.

Why Tixl?

In a world increasingly embracing digital currencies, we aim to secure and preserve the essential properties of traditional money. Most digital assets in general, and especially Bitcoin, lack the ability to be transferred efficiently. Transactions are either slow, expensive and/or transparent to the public.


Fast & Private

Tixl employs the most sophisticated technologies developed in the blockchain world over recent years to build a decentralized payment network. Bitcoin – and other digital assets – can be deposited into the underlying network. Once they are received they can be transferred quickly, privately and with low transaction fees.

The Tixl Token [MTXLT]

MTXLT (later TXL) is the native token of the Autobahn Network. It can be transferred through the network with zero-fees, reflecting the best features of today's cash. While we are developing the Tixl ecosystem, MTXLT already runs on Binance Chain.
Private by default
Super fast
Mining free

What makes MTXLT so valuable?

MTXLT (later TXL) is the flagship of the Autobahn Network and can be transferred through the system with zero-fees. It is a superior asset that has the best features of traditional cash. In addition, it gives holders the ablity to buy a wide range of services within the Tixl ecosystem.

Famous Supporter

Ivan on Tech is one of our early Angel Investors.
Ivan LiljeqvistIvan on Tech- Software Engineer and Youtuber- YouTube Channel with over 200k subscriber- Ivan on Tech Academy
"Tixl combines good team with great technology"

Tixl Tokenomics

The total supply of Tixl Tokens [MTXLT] is 900,000 MTXLT and this will be the maximum ever produced. The circulating supply is calculated by subtracting the tokens held by the Tixl gGmbH, and by the founders, from the total supply. A list of all MTXLT holders can be found here: https://explorer.binance.org/asset/MTXLT-286
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