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Tixl Ecosystem & Vision

Backed by well-known investors, the German Tixl Organization consists of an experienced team currently building the interoperable Tixl Ecosystem for Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Our vision is the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for everything DeFi related. At the core of the Tixl Ecosystem is a layer 1 platform called “Autobahn Network” which serves as a base platform allowing the transfer of any digital asset instantly, with almost zero fees and with full AML-compliant privacy for authorized service providers.

Following the launch of the Tixl Wallet, the first major DeFi product using the Autobahn Network and its Autobahn SDK will be the Tixl Exchange, a scalable Swap DEX for BTC, ETH and other assets launched by Tixl in December 2020.

Tixl's Autobahn technology can be utilized for any other DeFi product. The ability to provide instant, fully interoperable transactions with minimal costs and optional privacy is equally essential for payment and lending solutions, liquidity programming, yield farming, decentralized insurance and many other activities.

“Tixl combines good team with great technology”
- Ivan on Tech -

Tixl's Autobahn Network

Most cryptocurrencies in general, and especially BTC and ETH, lack the ability to be sent back and forth efficiently. Transactions are either slow, expensive and/or transparent to the public. Solutions like the Bitcoin Lightning Network have not yet gained traction due to weaknesses in their conceptual and technical design. On Ethereum, Gas Fees can rise sharply.

By employing the most sophisticated technologies that have emerged from the blockchain world over recent years, the German-engineered Autobahn Network has been designed from the ground up to specifically address these current challenges.

The Autobahn Network is a Layer 1 platform that serves as a base layer for tokenizing assets, increasing the exchangeability of existing assets and can be used for any scalable DeFi app that would benefit from minimal transaction fees, high-speed, full network interoperability and privacy.

Tixl Exchange (DEX)

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) have continued to gain in popularity having many advantages over centralized exchanges. However, what most decentralized exchanges are currently struggling with is that transactions (or swaps) and liquidity adds/withdrawals come with the following disadvantages:

  • they cost high network/gas fees,
  • they take a long time to be fully executed,
  • and/or often are not fully interoperable with other networks.

We can solve the problems above by utilizing Tixl’s Autobahn Network. It offers solutions to all those disadvantages, by default. The Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX) will thus be:

A fully interoperable Swap DEX with liquidity pools and liquidity mining, have almost zero network/gas fees and provide instant transactions. Rewards for both liquidity providers and swapping users will be paid.

Tixl Wallet

The Tixl Wallet is an easy-to-use Crypto Wallet already in use in our Testnet. Try it yourself to fully appreciate the high speed of transactions! We have developed a fully working Testnet specifically for this purpose.

Go to Testnet Web Wallet
Create your wallet
Claim free testnet tokens
Experience the Autobahn
Invite your friends

Optional: You can see transactions on Explorer and use another browser or an incognito-window to launch a second wallet to test the SEND feature.

Tixl SDK / API

In addition to the Tixl Wallet and Tixl Exchange (Swap DEX), the Tixl DeFi Ecosystem will allow us to connect more of our own, or third-party, DeFi applications to the Autobahn Network by using Tixl's SDK. The advantages of instant, almost zero-fee and optionally-private transactions will give DeFi applications the features they need for

  • Yield Farming:
    Algorithm-supported strategies allowing users to generate returns from putting their crypto holdings into work.

  • Social Farming:
    Social media activities of community members supporting a project in return for rewards.

  • Liquidity Programming:
    New technology used by the Tixl Exchange to be announced soon.

  • Payments:
    Borderless transactions without a middleman charging too many fees.

  • Lending:
    Borrowing or lending crypto assets to other network participants according to rules set in smart contracts that are executed decentralized.

  • Oracles:
    Decentralized systems that bring real-world information like price-feeds into blockchains.

  • Decentralized Insurance:
    Utilizing the blockchain technology and oracles to share risks among members with automated payouts.

  • and many other...

Tixl Roadmap

SEP 2020

Testnet CranzWeb-Wallet Redesign, Stability & Performance

Tixl Team

Christian EichingerManaging Director
Sebastian GronewoldManaging Director
Bernd StrehlChief Technology Officer
Dr. Max MuelkeBusiness Development
LennartUX & UI Designer
MikeTechnology Consultant
MoeCommunity Manager
Prof. Dr. D. GollmannAdvisor
Dr. jur. C. ConrederAdvisor
Dr. Ralph StuberAdvisor
+many more

Tixl Token TXL

TXL (previously MTXLT) is the native token of Tixl's Ecosystem and Autobahn Network. TXL serves as the fuel for the Autobahn Network and is used for transaction fees and other DeFi related revenue sources. Apart from the high speed and optional privacy of transactions, TXL itself can be transferred in the Autobahn Network without any fees. While the Tixl ecosystem is being developed, TXL already runs on Ethereum and Binance Chain (MTXLT).

A number of different concepts for improving Bitcoin - and the transfer of digital assets in general - have been developed, with the goal of achieving fast and cheap transactions, or to provide privacy. The Tixl Token on the Autobahn Network provides a perfect combination of them all.

Supply & Exchanges


Who is behind the project?

The German Tixl gGmbH is a DeFi focused non-profit FinTech company based in Hamburg. The team...

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Who is behind the project?

The German Tixl gGmbH is a DeFi focused non-profit FinTech company based in Hamburg. The team consists of blockchain experts, serial entrepreneurs, experienced developers and marketing and business development specialists.

What’s DeFi and why is Tixl DeFi?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to an ecosystem of financial applications based on...

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What’s DeFi and why is Tixl DeFi?

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) refers to an ecosystem of financial applications based on decentralized (blockchain-based) networks. Tixl’s Autobahn Network serves as a decentralized network allowing the transfer of different assets quickly, with low transaction fees and, if legally allowed, with full privacy.

In effect, supplying a decentralized, private banking layer. This is the basis for different DeFi applications; some of which are built by Tixl itself (Wallet and Exchange (Swap DEX)) and some of which can be built by 3rd parties by using the Autobahn SDK.

What is a DEX and what is liquidity mining?

DEX stands for Decentralized Exchange and means that no central party is hosting or taking care of...

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What is a DEX and what is liquidity mining?

DEX stands for Decentralized Exchange and means that no central party is “hosting” or “taking care” of the exchange. Everything that is done is decentralized. As a result, you are not transferring assets to a DEX (as you understand it from Centralized Exchanges (CEX)) before you are able to trade. With DEXs you simply connect your Wallet and you can trade directly from your wallet. That means you are not exposed to hacker risks as you do not have tokens at an exchange.

Liquidity Mining is a feature often used in DEXs. It offers two options: 1. Trade/swap and 2. Add/withdraw to the liquidity pools. Liquidity mining means you are putting tokens in the liquidity pool and, as compensation, you get all swap fees (e.g. 0.3% per trade for Uniswap) that are generated from your part of the liquidity pool.

Tixl and/or team members have been featured in:
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