Executive Summary

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What is Tixl?

Tixl is a non-profit FinTech company based in Hamburg, Germany. Tixl is the company behind the "Autobahn Network" project, a next-generation payment network. MTXLT (later TXL) is a token issued by Tixl and the flagship asset of the Autobahn Network which can be transferred with zero fees. In that respect, TXL has the properties of today’s cash and stands apart from other digital assets. The Autobahn Network allows Bitcoin, and other digital assets, to be transferred quickly and privately with low transaction fees. Transaction fees (and other network fees) are (indirectly) paid in TXL. During development of the Tixl ecosystem, the Tixl Token can be sent and traded as MTXLT on Binance Chain.

The Problem

In a world increasingly embracing digital currencies, we aim to secure and preserve the essential properties of traditional money. Most digital assets in general, and especially Bitcoin, lack the ability to be transferred efficiently. Transactions are either slow, expensive and/or transparent to the public. Solutions like the Bitcoin Lightning Network have not yet gained traction due to weaknesses in their conceptual and technical design.

The Solution

Tixl employs the most sophisticated technologies developed in the blockchain world over recent years to build a decentralized network, tailored for payments. We have named it the "Autobahn Network". Bitcoin, and other digital assets, can be sent to the Autobahn Network. Once in the network, any digital asset can be sent quickly, privately and with low transaction fees.

The Autobahn Network has a genuine competitive advantage over existing solutions. However, we appreciate that the best technical solution is not always the most successful. Therefore, in addition to the technical advantage, we are focused on developing an outstanding User Experience (UX) design for our future apps built on top of the Autobahn Network.

The Autobahn Network

Bitcoin transactions are slow, expensive and traceable. People value Bitcoin as an investment, but not as a means of payment.

A number of different concepts for improving Bitcoin have been developed, with the ultimate goal of achieving fast and cheap transactions, or to provide privacy. The Autobahn Network provides a perfect combination of them all. The Autobahn Network is a decentralized, next-generation, second-layer solution for digital assets. It provides the ability to use any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, as an efficient and effective means of real-world payment.
Autobahn Network Website

The Tixl Token [MTXLT]

MTXLT (later TXL) is the flagship of the Autobahn Network and can be transferred through the system with zero-fees. It is a superior asset that has the best features of traditional cash. In addition, it gives holders the ablity to buy a wide range of services within the Tixl ecosystem. While we are developing the Tixl ecosystem, MTXLT already runs on Binance Chain.

To finance the development and implementation of Tixl, and raise capital for marketing, token sales are ongoing. During the fundraising period Tixl BEP2 Tokens [MTXLT] on the Binance Chain, are sold and operate as vouchers that can later be swapped for TXL.
Note: The first two phases of the token sale were completed in 2019 - raising USD$450,000 during Phase 1 and USD$800,000 USD in Phase 2. The total amount raised to date is USD$1,250,000.

What is the current status of the project?

Tixl is under development and has launched a public testnet, which includes all the basic features and provides the ability to send TXL between web wallets. The release of the "Blankenese" version of the testnet allows the transfer of BTC through the Autobahn Network.

The current focus is on transforming the testnet into a Mainnet-ready codebase.

We are working on both projects above, in parallel, over the next few months to develop a real-use case for adoption.

Investment Potential

Investing in Tixl provides opportunities and risks similar to investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital assets. If Tixl rises in price over time, investors benefit from the value increase.

Legal Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that an investment in Tixl will increase in value.
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