Executive Summary

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What is Tixl?

Tixl is a next-generation payment network allowing Bitcoin, and other digital assets, to be sent quickly and privately with low transaction fees. TXL is the native token of the Tixl network. Transaction - and other network-fees - are (indirectly) paid in TXL. TXL itself can be sent with zero transaction fees. In that respect, TXL has the properties of today’s cash, and stands apart from other digital assets. During the Tixl development, the Tixl Token can already be sent and traded as MTXLT on Binance Chain.

The Problem

Most cryptocurrencies in general, and especially Bitcoin, lack the ability to be sent back and forth efficiently. Transactions are either slow, expensive and/or transparent to the general public. Solutions like the Bitcoin Lightning Network have not yet gained traction due to weaknesses in their conceptual and technical design.

The Solution

Tixl employs the most sophisticated technologies to have emerged from the blockchain world over recent years to build a decentralized payment network. One can send Bitcoin and other digital assets to the Tixl network. Within the Tixl network, digital assets can be sent quickly, privately and with low transaction fees. The Tixl network allows only registered senders to carry out private transactions, to prevent money laundering and other fraudulent activity.

What is the current status of the project?

Tixl is under development and has already launched a public testnet including all the basic features and providing the ability to send TXL between web wallets. The next step being focused on is to have the ability to send BTC and other cryptocurrencies through the Testnet.

To finance the development and implementation of Tixl and raise capital for marketing, a token sale is being conducted. During the fundraising period, Tixl BEP2 Tokens [MTXLT] on the Binance Chain, are sold and operate as vouchers that can later be swapped for Tixl. We began the third phase of our Tixl token sale on October 18, 2019. As a recap: The first two phases of the token sale have been completed — raising 450,000 USD in phase 1 and 800,000 USD in phase 2. The total amount raised so far is 1,250,000 USD.

Investment Potential

Investing in Tixl provides opportunities, and risks, similar to investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital assets. If Tixl rises in price over time, you benefit from the corresponding performance.

Legal Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that an investment in Tixl will increase in value.
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